Foundation Repair Contractors in Centralia, WA

TerraFirma Foundation Systems is a foundation repair contractor for both commercial and residential properties and they specialize in foundation repair, basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation in Centralia WA.

Structural Repair Centralia WA

Structural Repair in Centralia, WA Provided by TerraFirma Foundation SystemsBeing among the foremost companies that offer structural repair in Centralia, TerraFirma Foundation Systems has the expertise to handle foundation drainage, foundation services, foundation drain, slab jacking, house settling and a host of other structural issues. Our technicians have the skills and expertise to safely transfer structural loads to load-bearing strata. They will use foundation piering to develop an alternate structure that will serve to prevent an existing structure from plummeting downhill.

Basement Seepage Solutions Centralia

For individuals who live in Washington and have to deal with problems associated with water seepage in the basement or in the crawlspace, TerraFirma Foundation Systems has the experience, equipment, waterproofing systems and basement flooring options to address any leaky basement. We make use of their basement drainage products, waterproofing systems and finishing products to prevent basement leak. A leaking basement can destroy valuable items in the home; We can prevent that from happening, keeping the contents of the basement safe and dry.

Centralia Crawl Space Ventilation

When it comes to crawl space encapsulation, the latest techniques and technologies are used by TerraFirma to get rid of problems linked to dirt inside the crawl space. We will carry out crawl space repair and Centralia crawl space ventilation and will install crawl space dehumidifier to keep moisture out, by using vapor barriers on the walls and floor. We use high quality vapor barriers that can last for decades and they are heavily invested in putting in the effort and time it takes to make sure that the job is done to the highest standards and the customer is thoroughly satisfied with the results.

Call us for solutions to problems with your foundation, new construction site crawl space or basement in Centralia, WA.