Lewis County

Foundation Repair Experts In Lewis County WA


Lewis County covers a beautiful region on the western side of Washington. It’s a great place to live in with plenty of rivers, forests and mountains all around. Most homeowners enjoy the outdoors, no doubt, but they should also pay attention to what’s happening indoors to protect their house. At the first signs of weakness around the structure, they should call experts to assess the situation. There might be a need to perform a Washington foundation repair inspection. TerraFirma Foundation Systems serves Lewis County as well as other regions in the state.

Crack Repair Contractors in Lewis County, WA Provided by TerraFirma Foundation SystemsDo you see cracks along the walls of your house? How about lines on your floor? These are not simple cosmetic damage but symptoms of danger that demands your undivided attention. Their presence means that something about the base which supports the whole structure has gone wrong. Perhaps the house is tipping to one side because of soil erosion or settling underneath. Crack repair may call for mudjacking wherein the gaps are filled with earth for support. Foundation waterproofing may also be required as well as concrete crack repair Lewis County, WA.

Leaky Basement Lewis County,Washington

A Lewis County leaky basement can truly test one’s patience. There are a lot of products on the market that allow homeowners to fix the problem themselves but these are largely superficial. They do not address the root cause and so the problem has a habit of returning after a while. To stop the leaks, the drain systems must undergo a thorough checkup. Water is probably coming from holes and cracks along the pipes. A waterproof membrane can be installed along the surface area of the basement. TerraFirma uses premium waterproofing systems and basement finishing system Washington for best results.

Crawl Space Repair Washington

A crawl space is very similar to a basement except that it is much smaller and is rarely used for anything other than storage. In fact, it is so often neglected that mold and mildew commonly grow in it. Insects make it their home and foul smells emanate from it. Yet all these can be prevented by simple crawl space encapsulation. TerraFirma can do crawl space repair in Lewis County WA, add a durable waterproofing membrane, and install a crawl space dehumidifier to prevent the build-up of crawl space moisture.

Foundation repair is no small matter. This type of task requires steady hands and excellent skills. We have been in the business of for twenty years, over which it has built a name for providing outstanding services including crawl space encapsulation and basement waterproofing.



We offer estimates to our clients free of charge and we’ll also answer all pertinent questions regarding our foundation repair services in Lewis County, Washington. So don’t hesitate to call and let’s talk about your home’s structural issues.