Foundation Repair Olympia Washington

Terra Firma  are the foundation repair experts in Olympia, Washington. The location and geography of Olympia has resulted in a climate that is very cold and rainy. In fact, it experiences more rains annually compared to most cities in the US. This has a profound effect on the land on which houses are built. The wetness weakens the ground and seeps through walls. It is not uncommon for residents to seek foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, and basement waterproofing services in Washington. TerraFirma Foundation Systems is here to answer your call for quick restoration and renovations of your foundation, basement, drainage systems and crawl spaces.

Foundation Contractors in Olympia, WA

Soil movement underground may cause pockets of air to appear underneath the house. With little to no support for its weight, the structure could tilt diagonally causing cracks to appear on the walls, floor and driveway. Mud jacking is usually performed to remedy the situation. The air pockets are filled with earth until there is enough to bear the weight again. Foundation contractors in Olympia, WA may also place helical piers at strategic locations to hold up the structure. After the primary foundation repairs have been completed, they may use finishing systems to create a waterproof foundation.

Olympia Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Basement Drain Services in Olympia, WA by TerraFirma Foundation SystemsIt’s hard to keep a Olympia WA dry basement when you live in a rainy place. Having water in the basement is common around these parts. Fortunately, experts are here to extend their professional assistance. First, they will check for possible sources of leaks such as damaged pipes and gaps in the wall. They will see to it that these are all sealed before proceeding. Then they will check the basement drain to make sure that it is clean so that water can flow out quickly. Other basement solutions may be proposed as required.

Eliminating Moisture In Crawl Spaces

A home’s crawl space can be a troublesome spot as moisture from the ground can be trapped inside. Dark and damp areas always invite insects, rodents and fungi. Homeowners can have a crawl space vapor barrier installed to avoid these or ask contractors to perform a more complete crawl space encapsulation. Crawl space insulation may also need to be upgraded to help lower energy bills. Lastly, the crawl space vents have to be working well for better air circulation to eliminate moisture buildup.

TerraFirma has been engaged in foundation repair, basement waterproofing and crawl space repair in Olympia, WA for over twenty years. All of our personnel have received comprehensive training in advanced techniques and modern materials. We have resolved countless foundation issues in Olympia, Washington using sophisticated repair methodologies, basement waterproofing, and crawl space encapsulation.

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