Using Helical Piers For Crack Repair In Washington

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Washington Foundation Repair For Cracks and Separation



TerraFirma Foundation Systems Offers Foundation Crack Repair in WashingtonThe base and add on foundation to this chimney had settled resulting in cracks and separation between the bricks in the mortar joints. The challenge with this particular case was to support and attempt to lift the chimney and foundation with the ultimate goal of closing the cracks formed between the bricks without causing any further damage to the adjacent wall of the house.

The pictures of the chimney suggest that the add on structure is just that, and almost independent of the house itself. This would make our situation less complex, but non the less as delicate as we still wanted to be very careful to not damage the house by raising the chimney and its foundation repair in Washington. The results were very positive.


2 helical piers were installed at the chimney base at a depth of 24 inches. Like a large screw, the helical piers use the upward resistance force of the soils below to support lighter weight structures like decks and chimneys. This was exactly the case here. Foreman Leo Smith was able to achieve stabilization and lift with effective and precise installation of two Washington helical piers.

Every project comes with some mess,  but as you can see we are able to return the project sites to original condition and cement over any cut out slabs to cover all of our tracks. These helical piers are now solidified underground, the result is a permanently stabilized chimney.

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